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    Community Media – Hand Bound Zine

    This is the first edition of Community Media, saddle stitched Zine style and bound at the Ellijay Makerspace. It only features the History, Meta Manual, and Manual, and does not include later supplements. 8.5×5.5, stapled and trimmed, roughly 100 pages.

    This is the blueprint for a revolution in the creation and distribution of media. We will discuss how and why to …

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    Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods (With a Few Desert and Mountain Beasts)

    Twenty silly stories about the fantastical beasts in American folklore. Meet the Squonk, who is so ugly he dissolves in shame if captured. The Agropelter, some kind of Monkey that throws sticks at lumberjacks, and lots of fixtures in early american folklore.

    With illustrations for each Fearsome Critter, this 48 page zine style reprint is the best way to experience this …

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    Analog Revolution Zine – Vol 3, Issue 1

    The first issue of Analog Revolution  in 6 years is out now. It is 52 pages long, black and white, laser printed on plain paper. Assembled and edited by Ryan Stoyer and Andrew Roach. Features contributions from Connor Buchanan, RawPecans, Caleb Bouchard, Haley Kirk, Andrew Roach, Ryan Stoyer, Ito Clash and <a ...