Analog Revolution is a record label and store located in Ellijay, Georgia. They make music, a print zine, and most of their merch at Ellijay Makerspace. Analog Revolution promotes DIY, and seizing the means of production.

Some of the artists they support include Doctor Deathray, Hurly Burly and the Volcanic Fallout, New Clear Lawn Chairs, Red Hot Emtpy, and Eli Pop. You are likely to catch one of these bands live in Ellijay Georgia through Analog Revolution: Put on a Show at the Gilmer Arts Playhouse.

Fresh Coffee from the North Georgia mountains.

Mountain Town Coffee Roasting is new to the coffee-roasting scene, but our story is already imbued with the stuff of legends. It’s long been said that when you see a legendary creature, you remember it forever. Perhaps that explains why they found something so fascinating about cryptids—the maybe-real-maybe-not creatures that adorn their roasts.

Mountain Town Toys is a toy store with retail locations in Ellijay Coffeehouse, Mountain Town Antiques, Treasure Hunt Antiques, and online. They sell the newest and best of Mego and ReAction and also have incredible selections of vintage toys.

In addition to their impressive collection of toys, the artists behind Mountain Town Toys utilize the Ellijay Makerspace to create handmade toys and figures. You can find their “Fun Size Heroes” toys here.

New Ellijay TV was founded in 2022 in Ellijay, Georgia, USA, as a project of the Ellijay Makerspace. We make a variety of television on location in Ellijay, including documentaries, fiction, talk shows, concert films, and more. The shows we make are ones we wanted to watch but didn’t exist yet, so we started making them. Most of us don’t have any formal video production training, but we’re always learning new techniques and seeing what kind of (frequently weird, often silly) stuff we can make.